Amaru and Avanyu

Title: Amaru and Avanyu

Year: 2021 

Medium: Wood carving (cypress)

Dimensions: 7’3” x 2’3” x 2’

Description: These two mythical beings represent the reencounter of our Indigenous Nations. The Amaru of the south, the two-headed dragon, swallows the world through one head and a new world is born from the other head, ending a cycle to begin another.  Amaru encounters Avanyu, the mythical and sacred being of many Indigenous Nations of North America. It is the moment that our Nations intertwine once again as our ancestors did. Our destiny is woven with the same dreams, with the same collective achievements, always walking the path of beauty, inundated with symbolism of exuberant design and color. Our peoples represented in these two beings find the necessary union to continue strengthened in this long resistance. Remembering and sharing what we have learned in order to flourish after painful colonialism that divided us, creating walls of ignorance and prejudice on our own historical process, confusing even our own people. Amaru and Avanyu together culminate this period reminding us to continue living our culture, reaching Sumaq Kawsay, life in fullness.

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