• Dimensions: 7.2 feet
  • Medium: Wood carving (pine)

We emerge from the ukupacha, the inner world, and there we return. The ancestors are the seeds from which we come, our precursors that guide us, with experience being the most precious inheritance, our roots and foundation.

We then arrive to kaypacha, this dimension, through a magical portal, a cosmic womb that contracts and expands, giving birth to Here’s and Now’s. In it’s center the fractal ovule flickers, as the ordering matrix, the chakana.

From this metamorphosis originates the pair, female – male, to complement the opposites and understand the flow of life. An umbilical cord like an Amaru, our ancestral mythological two-headed serpent, unites these times – spaces to continue growing to the infinite of the hanaqpacha, the upper world.