• Artist: Suni Sonqo Vizcarra Wood
  • Medium: Fiberglass with resin
  • Dimensions: 4.8 feet
  • Description: Metamorphosis

In the center of its center, layers that show a permanent change from inside to outside and from outside to inside, expanding and contracting in diastoles and systoles, vital… transcending the formal limits so that the consubstantial essence of life flows.

We are pumas, we are Runas (humans), in our interior, the same divine blood runs in such that we are related within the great network of Pacha (cosmos), we are the roar of Choquechinchay (sacred feline constellation) in the celestial Wilkamayu (Milky Way), our heart knows no borders and the spirit freely chooses the form that it likes the most in changing here’s and now’s.

The soft, sensual, generatrix woman simultaneously shows her alert state, and the mythical Chavin feline emerges among snakes that speak of eternal regeneration.

The delicate dialectically pair together with the savage.

The awakening consciousness that guides the firm but gentle steps of our women.